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What Exactly is Machine Learning? A good start at a Machine Learning definition is that it is a core sub-area of Artificial Intelligence (AI). ML applications learn from experience (data) like humans without direct programming. When exposed to new data, these applications learn, grow, change, and develop by themselves. In other words, with Machine Learning, computers find insightful information without being told where to look. Instead, they do this by leveraging algorithms that learn from data in an iterative process. What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is a method of making a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or software think intelligently like the human mind. AI is accomplished by studying the patterns of the human brain and by analyzing the cognitive process. The outcome of these studies develops intelligent software and systems. About Simplilearn Artificial Intelligence Course: This Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) is designed to help learners decode the mystery of artificial intelligence and its business applications. This AI for beginners course overviews AI concepts and workflows, machine learning, deep learning, and performance metrics. This Introduction to AI overviews AI concepts, workflows, machine learning, deep learning, and performance metrics. You’ll learn the difference between supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning; be exposed to use cases, and see how clustering and classification algorithms help identify AI business applications. Key Features: ✅ 3.5 hours of enriched learning ✅ Lifetime access to self-paced learning ✅ Industry-recognized course completion certificate Eligibility: This Introduction to AI for beginners is ideal for developers aspiring to be AI engineers, as well as for analytics managers, information architects, analytics professionals, and graduates looking to build a career in artificial intelligence or machine learning. Pre-requisites: There are no prerequisites for opting for this Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for beginners. It does not require programming or IT background, making it ideal for professionals from all walks of corporate life.

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